Hip-hop music has shaped a generation and has overtaken rock as the most popular genre in the US, yet most people don't know that modern hip-hop wouldn't be possible without trails being blazed by pioneers of funk, soul, jazz and R&B. Roots run deep with funky drum grooves, deep bass lines, and exciting horn stabs. Hip-hop was first created by DJ's finding nod-worthy sections on existing records, and sampling or looping them on turntables until something completely new was formed.

As a fan of hip-hop, any time the band's founder Aaron Kaufman heard a track, it made him wonder where the sample or groove originated. The excitement of finding those beats and lines sampled by Ludacris, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Notorious B.I.G., or A Tribe Called Quest, was like finding buried treasure. It provided a history lesson and glimpse into the minds of the artists themselves. Aaron is inspired to share that excitement and history with others. 

The Wax Throwbacks were built to honor these musical pioneers, both old and new. The band's mission? Entertain the masses with the smooth, funky, nod-your-head hip hop songs that people know and love, while exposing them to the rich history and brilliance behind the track. It's members include top notch musicians from around the region, including a rock solid rhythm section, a singer, an MC, funky guitars and keyboards and even at times a horn section! The Wax Throwbacks bring to life hop-hip and it's roots, creating an unforgettable live music experience!